The bullshit of gaming services

Posted in Gaming on April 19th, 2010 by samuraisam

Duke Nukem 3D had TEN (defunct)

Red Alert 2 had Westwood online (defunct)

Midtown Madness had MSN Gaming Zone (defunct)

Delta Force had Novaworld (still running)

Half Life had WON (since transitioned to a newer service)

Why do developers think that these are good? Even recently I purchased Borderlands for PC and it came with the worst of them all–Gamespy’s┬átreacherous┬áservice. WON by Half Life was good, however the rest of the examples that I cited were pretty mediocre or terrible. Even worse is when the developers run out of money, or move onto bigger/better things and they cut off their old games.

Where does it leave the consumer? In the crapper.

I just purchased Duke Nukem 3D for 5$ US; and I was a bit disappointed that the online element was missing because someone decided to rely on an online service. Why can’t we have a tracker-like service for all online games (that isn’t game spy)? I realize there is probably a solution or three to get Duke Nukem working for online play again, but it’d still be nice to have out of the box compatibility with newer systems

It’s acceptable that some of these weren’t the best due to online gaming’s infancy at the time; however why do we still need this shit nowadays? It serves no purpose. Older games keep on getting cut off all the time because of it, and newer games find ways to completely dominate the market because there isn’t a universal system.

It is nice to see some developers fix their older games and reintroduce online play for free/a nominal charge; take for instance Aliens Versus Predator 2000 which was recently re-released on Steam; the developers threw in a new fully functional online system just because they kick ass.

Console gamers aren’t an exception to this practice of cutting off online play of older games as even Halo 2 (which is only 6 years old) has been cut off from online play, along with every single Xbox 1 title; for PC gamers we have modding communities that fix these things more often than not, but console gamers just got screwed over for the sake of ‘longer friend lists’.

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