Cloud Computing

Posted in Computers on May 1st, 2010 by samuraisam

Cloud computing and the proliferation of faster, cheaper and better designed mobile devices to many would signal the end of the PC era. Slashdot recently posted a very interesting article/discussion on it, more interesting than the original article are the comments made by nerds from far and wide who think its a big crock.

I’d have to agree. Even as someone who just discovered the wonder of Google Documents I still think that PC’s are going to have a presence in computing for quite a while. Although cloud computing seems appropriate for small tasks like word processing and file storage I cannot see it replacing full featured photo manipulation software, pc gaming or video editing. Even with the advancements in cloud computing, they cannot feasibly meet the constant advancements in PCs. There are also inherent limitations in accessing information on the internet such as bandwidth and latency, the latter of which is unavoidable over long distances.