Shutter shenanigans

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I stumbled upon an interesting comment on the IMDb explaining the disparity in visual quality of newer, digitally shot films;
“It’s Dean Semler. He shouldn’t be allowed to use the Panavision Genesis. He uses its 360 degree shutter feature (something you can’t do on a film camera – and for good reason) which allows him to gain 1 stop of light without having to light the scene properly. So in short he is too lazy to light t correctly and uses a cheap option that makes it look like crap. He does it in all his films these days, such as 2012 , this film, Get Smart, Apocalypto etc. And it cheapens the look of all those films. “

Apple Ipad charging

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I love the plethora of Mac fans who bemoan Microsoft for not sticking to standards; of course when Apple releases a product that doesn’t conform to standards its not such a big problem.

From the USB 2.0 specifications:

“High-power Hub Port (out) ICCPRT Section 7.2.1 500 mA

From the Ipad requirements:

“PC with USB 2.0 port”

Of course, Apple wouldn’t be one to release a product which demands more than double the standard USB 2.0 power capacity and not properly tell customers about it would they?

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Subwoofers plugged into walls

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There exists an entertaining collection of videos on youtube of people that enjoy plugging their speakers into wall outlets, here are some entertaining ones:


Splinter Cell DLC maps on Steam

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As I have posted on the Steam forums (here) there is a way to get the DLC maps (Kolacell, Vselka Infiltration, Vselka Submarine) on your Steam copy of Splinter Cell.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell on PC

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell on PC

This may also apply to you if you have a copy of Splinter Cell and cannot get the DLC maps/update to install.

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Hi, welcome to my internets.
I have had sites exist on this domain on and off since 2004 with no real purpose, Ive finally settled on something (I hope).
On this site you can find my pixelpost (photography gallery) as well as all the random crap (photos, links, videos and whatnot) I find and do on the internet that I find interesting that doesnt fit on my other blogs.